We found this great post by PR Daily. It captures the very things we need to think about as young professionals.

1. Establish your personal brand.
2. Seek out a mentor.
3. Keep up with the news every day.
4. Get away from your desk, and walk outside.
5. Plan the work before you work the plan.
6. Don’t pass up a chance to learn.
7. Go to your boss with a solution, not a problem.
8.Write thank-you and follow-up notes (handwritten, not emailed).
9. Travel any chance you get.
10. Be interested and inquisitive.
11. Remember that everyone carries their own sack of rocks.
12. Create your own personal style.
13. Stay in the loop, but avoid the gossip.
14. Look for “reverse mentoring” opportunities.
15. Looking busy doesn’t equal being productive.
16. A good editor will make you shine.
17. Don’t come to work sick.
18. Cultivate contacts outside work.
19. Take risks. It’s OK to mess up occasionally.
20. Strive for work/life balance.

Read the full article on PR Daily.

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